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Our Procedures

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Vela found that patients desired improvement that produced self-confidence. Rather than simple vanity, patients desired to feel better about themselves. He is dedicated to helping you feel and look your best. We strive to provide excellent care with close personal attention. With an emphasis on quality care, patients are treated with compassion, in a setting of confidentiality.

Dr. Vela understands that every patient is unique, with individual goals. We elicit, in conjunction with the patients, their true desires. We dedicate ourselves to the concept that combining science, technology, and artistic vision with safety, quality, and compassionate attention yields ideal results.

We are committed to enhancing beauty, appearance, function, and overall well-being of patients. Emphasizing education and prevention serve to enhance the long-term outcome of the results patients obtain.

The entire staff, along with Dr. Vela, are committed to the overall experience of the patients. Together, the entire team can ensure a successful, pleasant outcome.