tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty (tummy-tuck) is a surgical procedure that tightens abdominal muscles and gets rid of excess skin and fat.

Under general anesthesia Dr. Vela begins by making a incision low across your pubic region (you’ll be able to wear a low cut bikini bottom without seeing a scar line). A second incision is made around your belly button to free it from the abdominal tissue. Dr. Vela gently separates your skin from your abdominal wall which exposes your abdominal muscles (Rectus Muscles). Typically in abdominoplasty patients, these muscles have been stretched apart by previous pregnancies. The Rectus muscles are sutured into a new position, being tighter and closer together. This creates a “6 pack” and a smaller waistline. Next, Dr. Vela stretches the excess skin down over your muscles and removes it.

The remaining skin is re-draped over your abs and sutured into place (at the low incision site). As for your belly button, a new location is made and it is brought through the tightened skin.

Liposuction is a great procedure to add on to abdominoplasty as it smoothes out the “back fat” and the “muffin top” that usually accompanies abdominal fat.

Abdominoplastys take roughly 2 – 2.5 hours in the operating room. Once in recovery, you can expect to go home after about an hour or so.

You should expect to be in minimal discomfort the days following the procedure, and we recommend 5-7 days downtime before starting any light work. You may resume full exercise after 4-6 weeks.

If a tummy-tuck procedure is your best treatment option and you schedule your surgery with us, we will have you come in for a pre-operative visit. During this appointment we will give you a surgery packet. This has all the necessary instructions and prescriptions for you. We will also take photos and measurements so you can track your success.

During your consultation there is no pressure and it is not a sale. We do not offer “incentives” to book at your consultation, which could make for a rushed and persuaded decision. We want you to feel comfortable in our office, and that includes with both Dr. Vela and our staff.

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